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The emblem of your favourite football club will beautify your entrance door, walls or may become a table souvenir.

Every fan is eager to receive such a gift. It is possible to attach the emblem to the radiator grille with screws.

The order of sword from "Devil may cry"

Just for cosplay devotees and RPG fans.


Teapot rest "FC Zenit"

Fans are now offered to change strong drinks into a strong tea.
Standard IKEA "Glimma" tea candles suit.

Teapot rest

A felicitous combination of pleasant appearance and valid performance. We may advise jokingly: "Keep your mind cool as well as your tea hot".
Standard IKEA "Glimma" tea candles suit.
Allows to keep coffee/tea temperature in the desired range.
The design of the side panel may vary.

Vent tube louver

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